Convert Your Old Media with FotoBridge:

Life’s Time Capsule is pleased to offer its valued customers an opportunity to do business with FotoBridge, one of the top conversion companies in the industry. The services offered by FotoBridge will allow you to convert existing media in the form of old photos, videos and audio recordings to a file type that can be uploaded and stored in your Life’s Time Capsule account. 

Through this service, Life’s Time Capsule customers will be able to convert their bulky collections of photos, slides, negatives, movies, audio and video tapes into easily accessible files and secure them for sharing with generations to come. Once inside your Life’s Time Capsule, those precious memories will be safe from fire and other mishaps forever.

To make certain you receive the proper services from FotoBridge that will enable you to upload your digitized media into your Life’s Time Capsule, please follow the instructions below when placing your order with FotoBridge.

Instructions to FotoBridge for converting your media:

Photo file types: .jpg or .png

Video file types: .mp4 or .mov

Audio file types: .mp3

As a Life’s Time Capsule customer you are eligible for an exclusive 10% FotoBridge product discount.

Enter promotional code: LTCDISC and begin enjoying the convenience offered by two of the industry’s leaders.

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